It's not's technology.

EGNSI delivers a holistic and disciplined approach to IT.

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EGNSI offers complete Systems Infrastructure Services from keyboard to cloud.
(Physical Layer, Networking, Cybersecurity, Systems, and Line of Business Applications)



An eye on the future. EGNSI develops strategies addressing dynamic business requirements in a rapidly changing IT landscape.

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Trusted partners period. EGNSI provides proven IT professionals to successfully deliver strategic initiatives.

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Meeting the requirements of today and the demands of tomorrow. Our focus is on providing robust, efficient, and resilient solutions for enterprise IT environments.

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Keeping ahead of the threat. EGNSI Provides Cybersecurity audit and engineering services to provide cutting edge defense in a hostile digital world.

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Our Approach

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    The Right Solutions

    You've heard the saying "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". We believe that no single tool or solution works for everyone. That’s why we provide custom solutions to organizations based on business requirements.

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    Holistic Approach

    We don't sell products, we provide solutions. We take a holistic approach to project implementation and work with clients to understand budgetary constraints and implement cost effect solutions.

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    Customer Focused

    We understand that clients need to run their business, not worry about technology issues. We provide a customer focused approach to align technology needs with business requirements.

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